What's new in Petals ESB 3.1 and Petals Studio 1.1?

Petals ESB 3.1.x and Studio 1.1.x got its first public release. So what's new for you?

Petals ESB 3.1.1 (Full release note):

  • Technical monitoring is back with persistence and better performance.
  • Routing functions are improved.
  • Big work on SOAP component.
  • And 40+ bug fixes.

Petals Studio 1.1.1 (Full release note):

  • BPEL gets smoother: Better Drag'n'Drop, ergonomy and validation. Bug fixes.
  • Configuring KPI for Petals View gets simpler.
  • Validation for Petals projects gets stronger.
  • Maven projects can use custom templates.
  • Latest component versions are supported (FTP, SFTP, File Transfer, EIP, XSLT) and some component tooling is improved (XSLT, Validation, JSR-181 and SCA).