Pragmatic SOA guidebook - 9 steps to organize your SOA project and get business results

9 steps to organize your SOA project and get business results

How to start and organize an SOA project ? How to make actors communicate in an enterprise transversal project ? Avoid common mistakes and achieve business results.

This guide gives you real-world-tested managerial tips to implement a Service Oriented Architecture (SOA).You will understand the stakes in the SOA, know the important decisions to take, and avoid common mistakes. You will get technical and organizational knowledge, essential to succeed in such a project, at your own rythm.


  • What are your objectives?
  • What you should not do, or the "experimental” SOA adoption
    • Step 1: Curiosity for the SOA
    • Step 2: Generalization to the new applications geographically close
    • Step 3: Global generalization (revision of the existing)
    • Step4: Age of reason (where we ask the good questions first)
  • Success factors: method and pragmatism
  • Nine steps for pragmatic SOA
    1. 1.    Share the objectives
    2. 2.    Distribute roles and responsibilities
    3. 3.    Identify and organize the Services
    4. 4.    Manage or govern
    5. 5.    Set up the infrastructure
    6. 6.    Design and develop the services / enrich the existing services
    7. 7.    Test and integrate
    8. 8.    Deploy
    9. 9.    Observe and analyze the system behavior
  1. Conclusion

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