Process orchestration: How to choose?

Process orchestration: Which technology fits you?

You need to create processes between different applications. Maybe even with human intervention (worflow). But there are so many different technologies to do it: BPEL, SCA, Rules, EIP, Simple Java... Which one to choose for your processes? And how to choose?

The following whitepaper is written for architects, project managers, and SOA developers, willing to use SOA orchestration for creating processes. It explains differences between existing orchestration technologies, and summarizes the main criterions for choosing the most appropriate technologies, then focuses on technical details and implementations of orchestration, and routing technologies and patterns.


  • How to choose the most adequate orchestration technology?
    • Existing technologies
      • BPEL
      • SCA
      • Rules Engine
      • EIP Ad-Hoc
      • JBI component in Java
    • Which technology fits you?
  • Choosing between Routing and Orchestration in an ESB
    • From Enterprise Service Bus to the routing problem
    • Routing versus orchestration: neither a "one size fits all" nor a "black and white" world
    • The bus-level, specific development approach: interceptors
    • The component ("building block") oriented approach: the EIP toolset
      • The pipeline
      • Content based routing
      • Dispatcher
    • The DSL-based approach: the light orchestrator
      • Where patterns end, the light orchestrator starts
      • EIOrchestration use case: complex dynamic routing
      • A complete EIOrchestration sample for Petals ESB
    • Bridging up with Business Process Management concepts
      • And what about full-fledged, business-level orchestration?
      • Human intervention in business processes: workflows
  • Conclusion



Download the White Paper: How to choose your process orchestration technology ?