Research fields

From the outset Petals Link (EBM Websourcing) has endeavoured to be an innovative open source vendor. It is for this reason that Petals Link invests heavily in research so that it is able to offer the best possible technology for SOA.

We continually seek to improve flexibility, agility and interoperability of our solutions and our on-going research is conducted in the following areas:

  • Open source infrastructure services: interoperability and scalability across inter-organizational networks.
  • Business process modelling: BPM, model transformation, orchestration and choreography.
  • Collaborative engineering: ontology and semantic services, intelligent processing and collaborative development.

Our R&D initiatives with academic research laboratories and commercial partners ensure we have the best possible vision of market trends and nascent technologies.

Petals Link is involved in several leading research projects, supported by French and European government agencies as well as key research projects with private and public partners.

Petals Link is also active in several international industry bodies, such as OW2 (formerly ObjectWeb) where the Petals ESB project is maintained and source code publicly available.

This vision, experience and presence allows us to deliver innovation in SOA and fundamentally, we are able to achieve our goal of providing the most capable and feature-rich solutions for modelling, orchestration and execution of business processes.