Research community

Petals Link is an active member of several communities. Among them, the OW2 consortium, in which Gaël Blondelle acts as the Vice-Director.

Aerospace Valley is a competitiviness cluster, gathering industrials, research centres, education centres. It aims at developing Aeronautics, Space and Embedded Systems industries in Aquitaine and Midi-pyrénées.

Eclipse open source community members develop a full-fledged development platform. Amongst its components, the Eclipse STP project will provide SOA-oriented development tools.

INTEROP-VLab coordinates and promotes research on inter-entreprise interoperability, led by nine research clusters spread across Europe and China.

JCP's mission is to define and improve Java-related specifications, in particular Java Business Integration (JBI).

NESSI aims at favorize european economical growth through SOA adoption development.

OASIS is a consortium dedicated to web standards establishment: defining, improving and promoting open standards to create a global information society.

OW2 is a global open source community, gathering open source users as well as specialized companies. Its members collaborate to develop open source, flexibles and evolutive middleware components.