Research partners

Business Process Incubator is a free online resource center, dedicated to Business Process Management (BPM). It gathers a community of developers, managers and users, who share they good practices, feedbacks, modelling and validation tools.

CIM Integrated Systems ltd. is a leading software development and consulting company in Serbia and Montenegro and the remainder of the region

Coventry University combines a broad base of academic excellence and expertise with a focus on applied research - innovation, knowledge transfer and service provision.

Douglas connect is a Swiss software company based at Basel, proposing software and services in Medicine related fields.

Founded in 1992, the École des Mines d’Albi-Carmaux is a leading engineering college answerable to the Minister of State for Industry. It is a member of the Groupe des Écoles des Mines (GEM), a network with longstanding experience in training future top management for cutting edge industrial and industrial service companies.

FZI is a German research centre specialized in information technologies.

The ICCS (Institute of Communications and Computer Systems) is an academic research centre. It was created in 1989 by the Greek Education Ministry.

INRIA's ambition is to be a world player, a research institute at the heart of the information society.

With its 23 laboratories, INSA Lyon applies a multi disciplinary scientific policy aimed at excellence in partnership.

The IRIT is one of the multiple research centres shared by different French institutions, a Research Common Unit (Unité Mixte de Recherche, UMR 5505). As such, its work is organized around seven fields, all pertaining to information technologies and information systems.

LIP6 is a research centre dedicated to informations technologies, directed by University Pierre & Marie Curie and the CNRS.

From its earliest days Loughborough has produced research that matters, driven not only by the highest levels of intellectual curiosity and achievement, but also by the need for solutions to immediate problems in social, economic, and industrial practice.

WWU Münster expressly promotes top-level research in high-performance areas.

The Open University aims to promote educational opportunity and social justice by providing high-quality university education to all talented and jardworking people. It also aims to become the leader in open and distance learning, through academic research and partnerships.

Oracle is a top worldwide software company, with nearly 350,000 customers worldwide, and leads information management world market.

ScalAgent proposes advanced services and solutions for building scalable device-oriented applications communicating with Internet technologies

SPACEBEL is a provider of Information Technology solutions to help sustain the progress in the areas of universe knowledge and environmental protection.

STI Innsbruck is a research institute at the University of Innsbruck engaged in research and development to bring information and communication technologies of the future into today's world.

TANet is a unique network of over 20 co-operating Universities, Technology Centres and Key Business Partners providing the most comprehensive support for the SME Manufacturing sector for the whole of the UK.

Telecom & Management SudParis (ex INT) draws it strength from the synergy linking Telecom SudParis (ex-TELECOM INT) and Telecom Business School (ex INT Management) on its campus in the Paris Region, making it unique among the French grandes écoles.

With operations in 50 countries and 68,000 employees, Thales is a global technology leader for the aerospace, space, defence, security and transportation markets.

Founded in 1989, TXT e-solutions is an international software products and solutions vendor and leader in “Strategic Enterprise Solutions” in the industrial and media sectors.

KIT research (from University of Karlsruhe) will primarily be based on the capacities and knowledge of the scientists, who are members of the over 140 Institutes of KIT. They are supported by an excellent and worldwide unique scientific infrastructure.

More than 1000 teachers-researchers, researchers and around 230 research grant recipients, the Université de Nice Sophia-Antipolis develops research in all the important scientific sectors except for engineering sciences.