DGME - New version of Petals ESB for its citizen portal

The General Directory for State Modernization (Direction Générale de la Modernisation de l'Etat - DGME), commissioned to expose public services online, selected the open source service bus Petals ESB to manage all data exchanges for « Monservicepublic.fr » website.

This portal, integrated by Logica, provides citizens with centralized access to a set of services from various administrations.

Since its launch in January 2009, the dematerialized services rise steadily in numbers, implying new needs in terms of exchanges monitoring and supervision. To address this, DGME will soon integrate Petals's latest release.

They'll also receive a custom-made supervision console, featuring a subscription system using Petals components notifications to ease processes monitoring. This console, developed by EBM Websourcing, marks the first step to integrate principles and advantages of an event-driven architecture into Petals.