New Petals documentation is live!

A good product and a good documentation cannot live without each other, that's our belief. As a part of our overall work on product quality, we launched a workshop on the documentation during Spring 2010.

Today, Petals Link is proud to publish its new documentation:! Far more than just an update, this new documentation aims for:

  1. An easier access to the information that counts:
    1. full HTML documentation;
    2. full-text research engine;
    3. PDF export.
  2. A simplified browsing and updates follow-up:
    1. favorites-like feature and automatic notifications on modified content;
    2. documentation history management.
  3. A better implication of the community through polls, comments or direct contributions.

Most of the documentations have been updated during this workshop. The remaining ones will stay under construction for a few more weeks.

Offering a documentation of quality is one of our priorities, and we hope this new documentation will answer your expectations!

Browse new Petals documentation:

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