New release: Petals ESB 4.0 Distribution

Petals Link proudly announce the public availability of our latest ESB, Petals ESB 4.0!

This distribution includes the following novelties.

  • Latest container with new kernel 3.2, which brings strong enhancements under the hood: beyond usual performance/stability gains, many parts of the core have been recoded to prepare the arrival of next new features.
  • A new messages monitoring system: no more Petals View+KPI, now all is based on plain texts logs, for extensive configurability and choice in third-party exploitation tool.
  • A new Command Line Interface: now brings all essential administration tools in one dedicated shell, usable locally or remotely (including replacement for old "stop" and "shutdown" scripts).
  • Pack of updates for most used components, to make them compatible with the new monitoring: Filetransfer, FTP, Mail, SFTP, SOAP, SQL, BPEL, EIP, JSR, Quartz, Validation, XSLT.
  • BC-SOAP now supports WS-Security and SSL connexions.
  • BC-Filetransfer is simpler to use as a service provider, and is now ready for high availability use-cases as a consumer.
  • Petals startup script has been improved, using your feedback as guidelines.

Also, please note that package structure of the container and our versioning policy has slightly evolved. 

You're welcome to download Petals ESB 4.0. We hope you will enjoy it, and are waiting for your feedback on Petals forum.