New release: Petals ESB 4.2

LINAGORA is proud to announce the long-awaited Petals ESB 4.2!

This release greatly enhances the management and supervision of Petals ESB in production environments, through four focuses: administration, Debian packages, platform supervision and flow monitoring.

Enjoy the easiest install ever!

From now on, Petals ESB, its command line interface (Petals CLI) and extensions will be available as Debian packages, bringing you its flexibility right at your fingertips: one-command installation, dependencies automatic resolution, easy script deployment, etc.

Try the newest Petals CLI commands!

The command-line administration interface has been enriched with improvments on existing actions as well as new actions, such as one dedicated to communication between Petals ESB and Cacti.

Integrate Petals ESB in your supervision plan!

New probe have been added to the container and the components. They give access to many metrics such as thread pools usage, response time, etc. Beyond that, Petals ESB can now be plugged with Cacti and Nagios, two well-known open source supervision tools.

Take advantage of flexible flow monitoring!

Petals 4.0 brought flow monitoring to birth by tracing message exchanges with logs handlers. These log handlers were tightly coupled with the container's code. With this new release, they are now totally decoupled. This allows you to configure or replace them without any adaptation to server code, thus giving you great flexibility in how to manage and exploit them.

Browse up-to-date, better, clearer documentation!

An important effort has been done to refresh and complete the documentation. We think you will appreciate the refreshed navigation and content. Our only shortcoming is the lack of a proper tutorial for newcomers. Still, this stands amongst top priorities and should arrive very soon.

Play with Petals various components!

Petals components have been slightly updated.

  • The following components (bundled in distribution) have been updated with aformentioned new probes and several bugfixes: File Transfer, FTP, SFTP, Mail, SOAP, SQL (Binding Components); EIP, JSR181, Quartz, Validation and XSLT (Service Engines).

  • Community support for BC-EJB is discontinued.

  • As we are planning a complete rework of service orchestration in Petals ESB, we have removed the BPEL Service Engine (SE-BPEL) from the distribution.

Please note that Petals ESB 4.2 comes along with a maintenance release of Petals Studio (version 1.3.4). Beyond the usual compatibility with newest components, tools and container, Petals Studio features its own bugfixes and improvements.

Finally, and even if it does not impact user features, we would like to stress the great work that has been made under the hood of the Petals container to enhance its modularity. This effort will serve as a base for future evolutions, including testability and making Petals “cloud-ready” (that is to say, define what is a an "ESB as a service").

Take the next step!

Download Petals ESB 4.2 & Petals Studio 1.3.4

Petals ESB 4.2 releases notes

We sincerely hope you will enjoy using this release, as much as we worked to produce it. As usual, we stay open to any suggestion, critic or question.

Petals team