New release: Petals Studio 1.3

Latest Petals Studio is out! Discover the latest novelties of this 1.3 release.

Compatibility with Petals ESB 4.0 components

As already mentioned in Petals ESB 4.0 notice, we selected the most popular components which would get new technical and messages monitoring system as a priority. Petals Studio has been updated in answer to keep wizard compatibility with these new component versions.

More intuitive terminology

So far, any component configuration, be it as a service provider or service consumer, was called a "Service Unit", concept taken straight from the JBI standard.

From now on, we will be calling them "Petals services". Studio wizards have been modified to reflect this by dividing the old wizard into two new dedicated ones (one for services consumers, one for services providers). This should clarify new services creation.

Improvments on EIP designer

The use of graphical designer is now the sole option to create EIP services. The related component wizard has been removed. This change was brought for sake of clarity (more intuitive) and respect of good practices (since a single EIP service alone is useless, it is supposed to be chained with other EIP services). We also facilitate their use in POC or their continuous integration by providing export in either Petals service assembly or Petals maven project.

Better and simpler edition of jbi.xml files

The jbi.xml are key files, which contain all necessary information to use a component as a service provider or consumer. Since its start, Petals Studio proposed a mixed editor, with a tab to edit flat source code, and another providing a graphical interface to fill in most used parameters.

This system has been enriched. To make it simpler for users, there are now two distinct editors, both are accessible through right-click menu. The graphical one now allows to configure almost all aspects of the jbi.xml file. A pure text editor is still available for experienced users. 

Integration of the official Eclipse BPEL designer

As an open source ISV, we always strive to share expertise and code. When we first released the Studio, it contained a self-made BPEL designer. This tool brought, at the time, more features and simpler interface than its open source alternatives.

Over time however, a similar project in Eclipse fondation grew up. Since some months, we have been sharing our own experience in this project, and contributing to its code.

Today, we bring to you the results of this synergy, by integrating this official Eclipse BPEL designer into Petals Studio. This means greats benefits for our users, as this project has a vibrant community around it, meaning an ever better bugfixing and development.

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As always, we hope you will appreciate this release and keep our ears open for your feedback on our forum.

Petals team