Petals BPM, modelling your business processes

With rapidly evolving environment, entreprises need evermore flexibility to stay in the competition. They need to analyse their business processes and optimize them, while not being bound by technical restrictions born from their information system.

Using an ESB resolves the last issue, by founding an agile base to build and reuse services and chain them in processes.

Once that's done, all that's left to do is the business level part. Our new tool, Petals BPM, answers this need.

Petals BPM is a graphical web tool to modelize your business processes. Thanks to Petals BPM, you can intuitively create your business processes following the BPMN 2.0 standard. Ultimately, you'll be able to associate these to technical services, thus creating BPEL processes and running them into an Entreprise Services Bus.

Petals BPM modelling interface

Once integrated with Petals Master services registry and Petals ESB services bus, Petals BPM allows the management of whole lifecycle of your processes through a single platform.

Currently under development, Petals BPM already provides a full modelling interface (alpha2 release) with import/export features.

To get more informations and see it in action, we invite you to pay a visit on Petals BPM project main page.

Feel free to try, we'd be enchanted to receive your feedbacks and help to improve interface/features and kill bugs.