Petals Camelia: three new flowers!

Finally! After months of work, three new petals grow, side-to-side with Petals ESB: Studio, View et Master.

While Petals ESB evolves, these projects equip users with new tools, towards a business-oriented use.

  • Petals ESB is simpler, and bring new standards support (BPEL, SCA, JDBC, WS-Notification).

  • Petals Studio alleviates Petals ESB configuration: components configuration, processes design, explore deployed services, debug, easily access documentation... Petals Studio aims to be a swissknife for Petals ESB, making development faster and more comfortable.

  • Petals Master (new name of Dragon) helps you managing services, with services listings, attached descriptions, services evaluation, search engine...

  • Petals View allows business processes supervision. Based on EDA concepts, it extracts and identify the informations that count from business processes.

Apart from Petals Studio, all these software are independant and interoperable, but their primary use still lies with our first petal, Petals ESB.

Download Petals products, or learn more about Petals SOA Suite.