Petals Link and e-Citiz launch a joint product: the Bundle e-Citiz Petals

bertrand_escudie.pngAs latest events testify (the COTER, the 7th Regional Day of Free Software), Free Software proves now more than ever, to be a thoughtful, efficient and long-lived solution to answer public administrations's needs. In Belgium, this acknowledgment led the four main political parties to sign the "Free Software Pact", engagement to promote its use for every public administration need.

In France, local authorities and central administrations modernize their infrastructures, led by the Direction Générale de la Modernisation de l'État (DGME) [General Directorate for State Modernization]. One of its main objectives is the offering of administrative e-services for citizens, to accelerate and ease procedures.

This goal requires one to combine its business applications's features, to provide a unified administrative procedure (ID papers, asking for subventions, etc). Thus, one has to make all necessary integration between applications, create the front forms/portal, interconnect everything.

Providing a simple and efficient way to achieve this is one of our historical goals. Many administrations already use our open source entreprise service bus, Petals ESB, our proud being the DGME project, a citizen portal merging in one place several dozen services from various administration, with today more than 500 000 uniques visitors.

Other projects are already live or ongoing, for the General Council of Gironde, Region of Limousin and City of Lyon.

Today, we further improve our answer to this needs, by working with e-Citiz from Genitech group. e-Citiz publishes a platform to create and use tailored e-services. Combining it with Petals ESB provides local authorities with a business-oriented, stable and flexible solution, easy to integrate within their infrastructure.

Apart from this new offering, we focus as ever on improving reliability and feature-list of our products, to best answer entreprise needs. Petals Studio and Petals View have been released in 1.0, major breakthrough in regard to features, while Petals ESB benefits from corrective updates.

Products roadmap have been updated to include your feedbacks and needs, defining the goals to achieve by end of 2010, in terms of stability, interface and features.

Some other summer workshops are undergoing here, leading to exciting news in coming Autumn. Until then, I wish you the best success for all your SOA projects, and a sunny summer!

Bertrand Escudié, CEO