Petals Link becomes a partner of Business Process Incubator

Petals Link is currently developing a web-based, open source graphical BPMN modeller, that will hit the shelves in early 2012.

Named Petals BPM, it provides an intuitive graphical interface to design BMN 2.0 processes. It then allows you to associate each step with services, to generate BPEL processes and run them into your ESB.

This tool will complete Petals SOA Suite, and comes from our objective to provide a full-fledget, unified platform to buld efficient SOA-based information system.

As a logical consequence, we are proud to join today the Business Process Incubator community. This community aims at gathering all useful resources on Business Process Management, and creating a vertous cycle of share and reuse. As such, its website is already rich of BPMN modelling and validation tools, good practices, use-cases...

We strongly suggest to anyone interested in Business Process Management to take a peek at it. Plus, joining the community is free!

More information:

Business Process Incubator website:

Petals BPM (currently in alpha stage):