Petals Link is now part of Linagora group!

Petals Link joins LINAGORA, European leader in professional support and services on open source software.

After several months of discussions, this close-up between two historical partners will bring a new boost to Petals platform development, and an even better support for your open source projects.

Why did we choose this option to grow up? Why was LINAGORA the best partner to rely on? Read on for the answers.

The starting fact: Petals grew as a success, too quickly for our size to answer all demands.

Thanks to the support or our trusting customers and the whole Petals community since its birth, Petals reputation has been growing steadily. Unfortunately, we didn't have the necessary resources to answer both existing and new project. As we make a thumb rule to keep our word, we chose to favor our present customers. This hampered our capacity to accompany new customer projects, which led to a vicious circle of unsustainable development. To stop this circle and bring a new dynamism, we had to find an external investor, who would give us the adequate boost in resources, while keeping our independence on product strategy and open source promotion.

LINAGORA, the historical driving force of Open Source ecosystem in France, and partner of Petals Link on several projects, came naturally as the ideal candidate.

LINAGORA, driving force of Open Source development in France since 2000

As its founders were Open Source promoters, LINAGORA has been 100% focused on it, building a strong expertise on various solutions to accompany enterprises, administrations and key accounts in their design and deployment of open source strategies.

In 2005, LINAGORA has acquired a renowned expertise on many enterprise-grade solutions, through the management and realization of large-scale projects for national administrations and major acocunts. This expertise will be wrapped up in an all-around service offer, Open Source Software Assurance (OSSA), to further facilitate open source adoption by enterprises and administrations.

LINAGORA also develops professional solutions on its own, among which OBM, the professional alternative to Outlook suite or Lotus Notes, or the security suites LinPKI and LinID.

With all of this, LINAGORA possesses both integrator and publisher visions. This rare quality is what ensured LINAGORA's success and reputation in deploying large-scale, complex IT projects.

Linagora and Petals Link, bringing complementary expertises together for your profit

Beyond its experience and reputation in innovation through realization of French and European research projects, Petals Link brings, with Petals ESB, an innovative and scalable base to build the next-generation collaborative platform. As for LINAGORA, it brings its renowned integration and support know-how, and fresh new teams to tackle on new requests on Petals ESB projects, be it consulting, training or support.

For Petals users and customers, this means two major benefits:

1) As of today, consulting and support on Petals are integrated in the large, reputed team of open source experts in charge of the Open Source Software Assurance.

2) Petals platform will evolve and improve faster, thanks to a reinforced development team, towards the strategic goal of LINAGORA: offering an feature-rich, scalable and sustainable collaborative platform.

What's the next step?

For now, as the operation has just been concluded, we are focused on Petals team integration inside LINAGORA structure, while fulfilling our obligations towards Petals community and customers. Once that is done, we will freely share thrilling news on the future improvments in features and performances!

Meanwhile, we wish to deeply thank our users, customers and partners for their trust and patience during this eventful (but exciting) period.

Stay tuned!             

Petals Link and LINAGORA teams

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