Petals Link wish you the best for 2010!

2009 has been an event-rich one for EBM Websourcing, with new products release, and the adoption of the new Petals Link trademark. Affirming even more our stand as a european open source SOA engineer.

Ever more SOA integration projects will be realized in 2010. Choosing the right ESB stays the first and foremost condition to get a stable, evolutive platform and open one's information system to partners and clients.

Petals ESB, the open source enterprise services bus, address these needs. With the latest 3.0 version, recently released, Petals ESB ensures performances and reliability even with thousands of services deployed on dozens of servers. This quality is achieved thanks to Petals ESB distributed archictecture and standards compliance.

Your successes are our objective. That's why Petals Link always strive to offer you the best answer:
  • Services sidelines: our support contracts have evolved to fit your needs even better.
  • Performances: Petals ESB is the first service bus to make use of distributed architecture to provide large-scale services exploitation; in 2010, we'll take these performances to a even higher level.
  • Versatility: With our Petals suite (Petals ESB, Petals Studio, Petals View, Petals Master), you hold all the cards to set up your SOA integration. All these tools will benefit from new components and features released throughout 2010.
  • Ease of use: Because your time is precious, we aim at making our softwares ever more simple to understand and master.

We would be glad to help you achieve your SOA integration projects and stay available at your convenience.

Petals Link wish you the best for 2010.