Petals in Open source ESB comparison's shortlist

Open Logic, american expert on open source enterprise software, recently published an open source ESB comparison.

In this webinar, Open Logic exposes the right methodology to follow to choose the right ESB, then compares the main solutions on market: Jboss, Mule, ForgeRock, Petals, WSO2, ServiceMix.

In short, Open Logic points out that:

  • The open source offering is much richer now than in 2008. Products have become mature, with robust bases (connectors, transform engines, orchestration...) and focus today on business related features (monitoring, GUI).
  • As open source ESB are based on standards and open source libraries, their code is very reusable and somewhat shareable.
  • Whatever the solution, whatever the project, a significant integration effort is unavoidable. Open source means code availability, thus alleviating this effort, and keeping the company free from being bound to a provider.
  • Trying yourself implies that the documentation is more important with open source solutions. That being said, a lack in documentation can be filled in by a reactive community.

About the open source ESB itselves, the majority have the features one'd expect from an ESB, together with various components. Three of them are standing out. Among them, Petals ESB, thanks to its 100% open source code, its "nice admin console" and active community.

And you, which one do you consider as the best ESB? What do you think about current version of Petals ESB? We are all ears. :)

Go to Open Logic webinar.

About Open Logic:

Open Logic is a renowned american consulting company. With a tailored library of robust open source software for enterprise use, and active community, Open Logic has built a strong, recognized expertise to help companies build their open source stragegy.

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