Petals View 1.0 is out!

Petals View 1.0 is out!

Petals View is a business monitoring tool. As a part of Petals sideline, it allows business users to view, control and improve their business processes, thanks to:

  • the listing of any and all business flows going through Petals ESB;
  • the listing of all flows of a chosen type;
  • filtering of the list by date/period of time/flow type/flow status;
  • detailed view of a given flow (starting/ending dates, business informations, processe's steps and their status...);
  • access rights management by role/user.

Combined with SE-KPI notification component and a standard database (MySQL, PostGreSQL, H2), Petals View interfaces easily with Petals ESB, thanks to its creation/import/export wizards.

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Schéma d'intégration Petals View et Petals ESB