Preview: Petals 4 milestone 1

Take a look at the next version of your open source ESB, Petals ESB 4.0!

The hot new feature of this release will be the new services monitoring system. In Petals 3, it was realized through a dedicated component. Now, it will be managed through a simple configuration and process of available logs.

This release also includes the majority of fixes and improvments brought to Petals 3.1.3, including:

On BC-SOAP component

  • PETALSBCSOAP-29 -  Deletion MEP and operation from the SU jbi.xml for the consume role.
  • PETALSBCSOAP-69 - Add the possibility to set Axis parameters in the provider role.
  • PETALSBCSOAP-77 - Remove soap:synchronous-timeout by petalsCDK:timeout.
  • PETALSBCSOAP-14 - WS-Addressing support does not work (incoming mode).
  • PETALSBCSOAP-70 - IBM JDK 6 : petals runs, but can't deploy SU (+ com.sun.* classes in stack trace).
  • PETALSBCSOAP-73 - WS-Security: when Rampart is engaged, the BC SOAP must not propagate the WS-Security header in the bus.
  • PETALSBCSOAP-79 - How to override soap address in exposed WSDL?
  • PETALSBCSOAP-85 - Unable to get the WSDL from a SU consume if the service provider endpoint is identified.
  • PETALSBCSOAP-86 - A SOAP consume does not manage correctly a call by service-name and endpoint name.

On SE-BPEL component

  • PETALSSEBPEL-15 Ambiguous error message when endpoint not found
  • EASYBPEL-17 The option "Ignore missing source data" is not supported


  • PETALSCDK-57 - Invalid error message if the jbilistener classname of the JBI descriptor contains a CR/NL.
  • PETALSCDK-58 - Invalid error message if the external listener classname of the JBI descriptor contains a CR/NL.
  • PETALSCDK-61 - The parameters 'acceptor-pool-size', 'processor-pool-size' and 'processor-max-pool-size' can be set to a negative value or 0.

You're welcome to read the full Petals ESB 4.0M1 release note. and give a try to Petals 4.0M1.

As usual, we are eager to get your feedback and suggestions

Petals team