SOA et BPM, an agile SI to optimize business


Business Process Management is steadily growing. Bringing together methodologies and modelling language (BPMN 2.0), BPM greatly helps entreprises to rationalize and optimize their business processes. The growing BPM-oriented marketdemonstrates its popularity, with an estimated 5 billion dollars global value in 20171.

However, BPM is not in itself enough to build an agile information system: its focus is on a business level only, links that may be needed between business processes and actual technical processes stay outside its scope. That's where SOA comes into play.

By changing the information system structure, from an "applications" paradigm to a "services" paradigm, the service oriented architecture provides the perfect interface for the business process management. In such case, each step of a business process is associated with services calls, notwithstanding the actual implementation behind these services.

Benefits of a symbiose between SOA and BPM have long been highlighted2, as long as one follows a bottom-up approach (from SOA to BPM3) and chooses interoperables solutions, to avoid creating application silos4.

As a SOA expert and ISV, we always keep this in mind. Therefore, after building the services infrastructure with Petals ESB, and services governance with Petals Master, we are proud to announce our BPM-oriented tool, Petals BPM.

Petals BPM allows you to design your business processes in an easy, graphical way, then translate them into services orchestrations to run them into your services infrastructure. A first version of Petals BPM is already available. You can now use a single platform to manage the whole lifecycle of your business processes, on both technical and business levels.

In parallel, we work on next major version of Petals ESB, (recently released in milestone). Petals ESB 4.0 should arrive in first quarter 2012 and bring a whole new way of monitoring both technical and business flows in your bus.
We welcome you to try these forthcoming products and give your feedbacks, we'll be glad to share with you.

Bertrand Escudié, Chief Executive Officer



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