Is SOA future open source?


In parallel with growing adoption of services oriented architectures in infrastructure projects, open source offering are recognized, since several years, as reasonable and attractive solutions.


Open Logic, renowned consulting company specialized in industrial open source solutions, published recently a comparison of open source ESBs. Three ideas stand out:

  • most of them are mature solutions, with wide range of features (routing, security, load balancing) and components (connectors, transformation engines).
  • whichever the project and selected solution (open source / proprietary), spending resources in integration is unavoidable.
  • the open source's freedom to access and modify the code can greatly alleviate this integration work, depending also on documentation quality and community.

We firmy believe in Open Source model and values: respect, quality, freedom. As Open Logic points out in its comparison, our suite provides a nice and wide set of features to build SOA project: many connectors and transformation engines, graphical user interfaces for ESB configuration, administration, business monitoring and SOA governance. We now focus evermore on robustness and performances, which can always improve.

Our clients and partners prepare new projects, more ambitious, more compelling. To answer these, we launched an "industrialisation" workshop.

We are proud to welcome Christophe Deneux, our new Chief Technical Officer. He will lead this by following three objectives:

  • new documentation: richer, easier to browse, with regular updates.
  • improved development tools and methodology, publicly available to community.
  • global suite release focused on stabilisation/performances/exploitation.

As a first result of this workshop, the new documentation is now publicly available. The product release is scheduled for celebrating New Year 2011. We'll also put all effort, throughout the year to come, to give you more visibility on Petals SOA Suite features and evolutions.

Bertrand Escudié, Chief Executive Officer