Update - Petals Component Development Kit 5.1.2

Petals Component Development Kit 5.1.2 is live. As a reminder, Petals CDK brings together reusable code and features to facilitate component design, maintenance and compatibility with newer version of Petals ESB. We therefore strongly recommend its use for any new Petals component.

This 5.1.2 release brings the following improvements:


  • [PETALSCDK-41] - Potential NPE detected in "cdk-core" part ...
  • [PETALSCDK-50] - Unnecessary stack trace when registration or subscription thread are interrupted.
  • [PETALSCDK-52] - NPE when deploying a provider service unit for which the service names defined in the JBI descriptor and WSDL are different
  • [PETALSCDK-55] - method createStringFromDOMNode in XMLUtil doesn't work well
  • [PETALSCDK-57] - Invalid error message if the jbilistener classname of the JBI descriptor contains a CR/NL
  • [PETALSCDK-58] - Invalid error message if the external listener classname of the JBI descriptor contains a CR/NL
  • [PETALSCDK-61] - On installadtion, the parameters 'acceptor-pool-size', 'processor-pool-size' and 'processor-max-pool-size' can be set to a negative value or 0
  • [PETALSCDK-62] - The parameter 'processorMaxPoolSize' is not used to size the JBI message workers pool
  • [PETALSCDK-66] - The private method 'AbstractListener.setEndpoint' does not manage correctly unknown endpoint
  • [PETALSCDK-67] - Unable to deploy a SU with a JBI descriptor containing french characters
  • [PETALSCDK-68] - Error when restarting a SU containing a WSDL with french characters
  • [PETALSCDK-69] - The debug message tracing the JBI processor core pool size is not clear
  • [PETALSCDK-71] - The parameters 'acceptor-pool-size', 'processor-pool-size' and 'processor-max-pool-size' can be *hot-set* to a negative value or 0

Improvement Request

  • [PETALSCDK-42] - The max duration of message exchange processing on stop should be a parameter
  • [PETALSCDK-63] - Improve configuration of the JBI message worker pool

To use it, download the three modules that compose it (Core, JBI Descriptor, API) by following hereunder links.
Download Petals CDK Core 5.1.2
Download Petals CDK API 2.1.2
Download Petals CDK JBI Descriptor 2.1.1

As a side note, please notice that a guide is available to grasp the mechanisms and good practices of Petals component development: Petals Component Developer Guide.

Feel free to bring your suggestions or ask for help on our forum.

Petals team