Updates of Petals components: BC-SOAP and SE-POJO

BC-SOAP and SE-POJO components have been released in 4.0.8 and 2.2.6 versions respectively. Improvments are as follows:

BC-SOAP 4.0.8 (Download BC-SOAP 4.0.8)

  • [PETALSBCSOAP-14] - WS-Addressing support does not work (incoming mode)
  • [PETALSBCSOAP-56] - Impossible to retrieve the WSDL of a consumed Petals service on the first time
  • [PETALSBCSOAP-85] - Unable to get the WSDL from a SU consume if the service provider endpoint is identified only by its interface name
  • [PETALSBCSOAP-86] - A SOAP consume does not manage correctly a call by service-name and endpoint name
  • [PETALSBCSOAP-87] - A NPE occurs if the external webservice provider URL is defined by a placeholder not set at component level
  • [PETALSBCSOAP-93] - Java Mail API is packaged twice
  • [PETALSBCSOAP-94] - When using WS-Policy in provide mode: ClassNotFoundException: org.apache.xml.utils.URI$MalformedURIException
  • [PETALSBCSOAP-96] - WS-Addressing is always engaged, even if not defined in at SU level (provider mode)
  • [PETALSBCSOAP-97] - NPE getting a service WSDL

SE-POJO 2.2.6 (Download SE-POJO 2.2.6)

We hope you'll like these releases. :)

Petals team


Download BC-SOAP 4.0.8

Download SE-POJO 2.2.6