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New release: Petals ESB 4.2 2013-09-19 16:11

Petals ESB 4.2 has been released! This version brings a quality leap in the following domains:

  • code robustness (preparing exciting future evolutions);
  • supervision and deployment (Debian packages, integration with Cacti and Nagios);
  • flows monitoring;
  • administration (new CLI commands, better modularity of container).
New release: Petals CLI 2.1.0! 2012-10-22 16:11

Petals administration client, Petals CLI, has been updated! This new release brings its lot of bugfixes, together with significant improvments: better error handling, Java Logging API support, custom administration commands...

Download Petals CLI 2.1.0 on our OW2 repository.

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28/08/2011 - 02/09/2011
Clermont-Ferrand, FRANCE
Petals Link will attend the annual Business Processes Management conference cycle. On this occasion, we'll showcase our new addition to Petals suite, Petals BPM, stand-alone tool to design BPMN 2.0 processes and translate them into BPEL executable processes.
15/06/2011 - 16/06/2011
Bordeaux - Palais des Congrès
Petals Link and its partner e-Citiz will be delighted to see you during 22nd Coter Club Congress le plaisir de vous recevoir durant le 22ème Coter Club, événement centré sur les solutions dédiées aux collectivités. Nous serons heureux de vous présenter notre solution combinée d'infrastructure de téléservices, déjà choisie par deux conseils régionaux : Aquitaine et Limousin.
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This article will show how to deploy a simple monitoring application in the...


I had some time since several nights (thanks kids to be sick…) to...

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On menu this month, an interview of our Sales Manager and many new releases: Petals Studio 1.2, Petals BPM, Petals 4.0 milestone...
For this autumn edition, focus has been made on the product: new documentation, interview of our new CTO, two releases, and product vision for 2011.
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