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On menu this month, an interview of our Sales Manager and many new releases: Petals Studio 1.2, Petals BPM, Petals 4.0 milestone...
For this autumn edition, focus has been made on the product: new documentation, interview of our new CTO, two releases, and product vision for 2011.


The latest

Petals Newsletter n°6 - 2011 October - by Petals Link Summary
Technology focus

SOA et BPM, an agile SI to optimize business
Photo Bertrand Escudié

As illustrates the "1+1=3" synergy formula, using BPM and SOA in an integrated, combined way brings much greater benefits than using them side-by-side. Petals SOA Suite grows towards this objective, with the soon-to-come publication of Petals 4 and a brand new business-oriented tool, Petals BPM.

Read full edito from Bertrand Escudié, Chief Executive Officer >>



Petals ESB 3.1.3
Petals ESB 3.1.3
Petals ESB 3.1.3 is live! This release brings significant bugfixes and improvements, including a new version of SE-POJO component.
Read the full release note >>
Download Petals ESB 3.1.3 >>

Petals Studio 1.2
Petals Studio 1.2
The integrated development environment Petals Studio comes out in 1.2 and bring major improvments and new features including:

  • Compatibility of Studio wizards with latest components (for Petals ESB 3.1.x branch).
  • A new graphical editor to create EIP chains.
  • A brand new wizard to facilitate execution of BPEL processes.
  • A new WSDL editor.
  • And much more...
More information on this release >>
Download Petals Studio 1.2 >>


Technology focus

Design your business processes with new Petals BPM!

Petals BPM, modélisateur open source de processus métiers A new tool in Petals Suite will very soon bring you the power of Business Process Management: Petals BPM. Petals BPM is an open source, cloud-enabled graphical business process designer. It is integrated with Petals ESB and Master to compose an all-in-one platform to manage the whole lifecycle of your business processes.
Read the full announcement >>
Browse project page (video showcase, download links) >>



Jean-Christophe Régnier, Petals Link
Jean-Christophe Régnier

Jean-Christophe Régnier, Petals Link's Sales Manager, presents the strategy and development guidelines for 2012: on-demand expertise, Petals ESB 4.0 and a new support offer.

Read the full interview >>


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