Gartner: you want Cloud? Start with SOA!


In a recent report Gartner analyst Yefim Natis confirmed that the key to successful cloud computing is the design of the service oriented architecture: "Prepare yourself for the cloud by investing in SOA skills". SOA will become the standard by which applications are accessed from a cloud service.

There are three major trends that are influencing enterprise information systems: Web 2.0, BPM and SOA. EBM Websourcing has acknowledged this by striving to offer ever-more innovative solutions.
Taking a bottom-up approach our R&D teams have been working on agile orchestration solutions for modelling business processes at internet scale. These solutions will take advantage of business service semantics. Tomorrow, our users will be able to easily construct inter-domain services as enterprise mash-ups. All of this will be achieved without jeopardizing security or durability.

We have not lost sight of today's challenges and work closely with our clients and partners. Constantly aware of our commitments, we are focused on continually improving the robustness and performance of our Enterprise Service Bus, Petals ESB. This production platform features notifications management, data exchange monitoring and our own BPEL [business process execution language] engine. This allows our clients to successfully deliver their very first SOA projects.

EBM Websourcing, itself, has also undergone change: I'm pleased to announce our new trademark, Petals Link. The product of careful reflection, this trademark clarifies our role as the Petals Enterprise Service Bus vendor. This complements the result of our endeavours to enrich our service propostion, through a suite of complementary tools: Open Suit, Dragon and Maestro which are now part of the Petals brand of products.

Furthermore, this new trademark signals our will to further improve communication with our users. We consider it essential to continue evolving and to align with your needs. This newsletter marks our first step in this direction.

All these announcements are precursors to significant developments to come in the next months, which i hope will delight you.

Bertrand ESCUDIÉ - CEO