The number of projects aiming at implementing services oriented architecture (SOA) has been growing in a steep manner. Numerous integrators are asked to choose an enterprise service bus (ESB) efficient in ensuring the transition towards a true SOA information system allowing business process management (BPM).

The Petals Suite software has been experienced by several renowned integrators, such as Cap Gemini or Atos Origin, which acknowledged its qualities by adding it to their offerings.
They thus acquired sound skills in integrating Petals, skills comforted by our expertise, which is made available to our partners through agreements of dedicated support.

With a worldwide implantation, Atos Origin proposes three sets of services: consulting, integration and outsourcing for big companies: Olympic Games federation, Renault, Système U...

Bull is a major actor on several European markets: open source solutions integration, data processing, services, and count numerous clients in more than fifty countries.

Logica is a major IT actor. Its fields of expertise encompass consulting in IS management, systems integration and business processes outsourcing.

With a solid expertise on available open source solutions for every need, Open Wide group proposes full-fledged, hosting solutions, embedded solutions and other applications.

Apart from consulting services, Oxiane provides a very large range of training programs in ICT fields.

Sogeti is a 20000-people company, helping all kind of actors to create, deploy, manage and migrate their informations systems.

Sopra Group proposes Consulting, Systems Integration, Applications outsourcing services to help companies to ensure the success of their IT projects.

Created in 1969, Steria helps hundreds of actors to improve their return on investment, thanks to its expertise in per-sector business processes (administration, bank, telecommunication, health, etc).