Petals SOA Suite

The Petals SOA suite of tools gives you a complete range of software to build, manage and monitor your enterprise SOA solutions. All of our tools adhere to open standards and use proven, robust, high performance technologies.  

Petals ESB

Open Source enterprise services bus (ESB)

Petals ESB is an enterprise-grade lightweight, distributed, standards-compliant open source enterprise service bus for routing and messaging in service-oriented architectures (SOA). It is an exceptional integration solution that is ideal for large and distributed environments.

Download Petals ESB - community edition

Petals Studio

SOA Integrated Development Environment for the open source ESB, Petals ESB

Petals Studio brings together essential functionality and development tools to enhance and accelerate development of your Petals ESB solution.

Based on the industry standard open source Eclipse IDE, Petals Studio's graphical modelling capabilities and development environment provides advanced functionality to create, configure and debug your SCA components and BEPL processes.

Download Petals Studio - community edition

Petals Master

Open Source SOA governance

Petals Master is an open source SOA governance solution for SOA service administration. Petals Master enables service visibility across your entire SOA. With advanced features such as collaborative endpoint and service tagging, you will be able to improve your architecture decisions and encourage component re-use. Petals Master provides an API enabling you to automate common audit and reporting tasks as well as integrate existing solutions with ease. Petals Master can be deployed to any standards compliant service-oriented infrastructure such as Petals ESB.

Download Petals Master - community (OW2 Dragon)

Petals View

Open source SOA monitoring and metricsPetals View monitors and measures business processes in an SOA. The open source solution “listens to” SOA events (EDA architecture, WS-Notification) and enables the use of event data to create key performance indicators (KPIs) for SOA metrics.
Download Petals View - community edition