Petals Master

Open Source SOA governance

Petals Master is an open source SOA governance solution for SOA service administration. Petals Master enables service visibility across your entire SOA. With advanced features such as collaborative endpoint and service tagging, you will be able to improve your architecture decisions and encourage component re-use. Petals Master provides an API enabling you to automate common audit and reporting tasks as well as integrate existing solutions with ease. Petals Master can be deployed to any standards compliant service-oriented infrastructure such as Petals ESB.

Growing investment in SOA and the proliferation of services contributes to the key challenges of IT governance: service management and availability. For developers, the need to encapsulate common routines and enable their re-use is a major goal. For managers, the ability to monitor and manage these services allows them to ensure availability and possess the agility to respond to changes in business in a timely and controlled fashion.

Petals Master uses the principles of SOA governance applied to SOA management, providing visibility and control of your services.

With Petals Master, you can can index and document your services, get instantaneous search results even with broad criteria, allow developers to document service contracts and annotate service information with collaborative multi-user features such as 'tagging'. Petals Master extends the capabilities of Petals ESB, is compatible with third-party platforms and fully exportable.

Product datasheet

Key benefits

  • Global view of enterprise services.
  • Improves service re-use by developers.
  • Defines the service contracts.
  • Simplify the administration and management of services.
  • Help IT and business work together better.


Why choose me?

  • Simplified interface: ergonomic web-based interface, profile-based customization of appearance and features.
  • SOA platform integration: designed to extend the capabilities of Petals ESB, compatible with other third-party SOA platforms.
  • Open source: professional support.

Key features

Standards and technologies supported

Service indexing and documentation

  • Search on multiple criteria: name, category, methods, protocol, description, role, and content of attached documents (txt, csv, odt, doc, pdf, html, xml);
  • Dynamic search, query via UDDI (API v2 and v3) or Web service;
  • Metadata and artefact annotation (WSDL metadata, attached documents);
  • WSDL 1.1 and 2.0 definition import;
  • Collaborative tools: comments, ratings, and tags.

Integration with Petals ESB

  • Services synchronisation;
  • Discover services per Petals ESB server / node.

Accessible user interface

  • Ergonomic web-based user interface
  • UDDI integration with Eclipse.

In our next version of Petals Master...

Contract Management

  • Definition of SLAs (WS-Agreement, WS-Addressing);
  • Allocation of roles for each service;


  • Spring/Hibernate.
  • EasyWSDL.
  • Compass/Lucene.
  • CXF.