Petals Studio

SOA Integrated Development Environment for the open source ESB, Petals ESB

Petals Studio brings together essential functionality and development tools to enhance and accelerate development of your Petals ESB solution.

Based on the industry standard open source Eclipse IDE, Petals Studio's graphical modelling capabilities and development environment provides advanced functionality to create, configure and debug your SCA components and BEPL processes.

Developing SOA solutions is a complex and diverse practice. SOA solutions by design make heterogeneous environments interoperable, enabling the reuse of solution components, in the form of web services, that expose business processes. Based on the Eclipse IDE, Petals Studio simplifies the task of implementing a Petals ESB platform with a single, dedicated integrated development environment. Petals Studio improves design quality, removing the burden of repetitive tasks and accelerating time to deployment.

Petals Studio, based on the Eclipse IDE, provides all the necessary tools for SOA development in a single, all-inclusive package. Improve productivity and accelerate Petals ESB configuration with our automation wizards. Effortlessly create processes and link services (BPEL, SCA) with Petals Link tools for design, orchestration and debugging of SOA / ESB.

Product datasheet

Key benefits

  • Dramatically reduces development time for Petals ESB.
  • Graphical tools for modelling business processes of existing services.
  • Improves the quality of design through debug toolset.
  • Test framework.
  • Unifies tools in a single, ergonomic interface.

Why choose me?

  • All-in-one environment for SOA development: Configuration, designers, debugger, deployment, documentation and tutorials.
  • Simple and effective process design: Services are designed and orchestrated through a user-friendly GUI based on BPEL and SCA standards.
  • Open source: More freedom for developers, professional support on demand.

Key features

Standards and technologies supported

Simplified Integration

  • Configuration wizards: FTP, STFP, File, POP/SMTP/IMAP, CSV, SOAP, EJB, JDBC;
  • Integration wizards : EIP, POJO, JSR181, XSLT, XSD, Quartz;
  • SCA and JBI Java service creation tools.

SOA Tools

  • BPEL Orchestration: BPEL interface designer for process creation based on existing services with zero code writing;
  • SCA Composition: SCA interface designer for flexible service assembly;
  • WSDL Java code generators;
  • Service explorer.

Development tools

  • Debug environment;
  • SVN and CVS version control;
  • Based on Eclipse Galileo SR1;
  • Packages for Linux and Windows.
  • Eclipse Java Tooling (JDT)
  • Eclipse XML, XSD, XSL, WSDL tools
  • Eclipse SCA tools
  • Eclipse BPEL tools
  • Support for Eclipse CVS & SVN
  • Import WSDL 1.1, WSDL 2.0
  • Petals configuration wizards: FTP, STFP, File, POP/SMTP/IMAP, SOAP, EJB, JDBC.
  • Petals integration wizards: EIP, POJO, JSR181, XSLT, XSD, Quartz.
  • Findbugs
  • Mylyn
  • Metrics
  • Java to EasyWSDL
  • BPEL validation
  • Petals service explorer