Petals View

Open source SOA monitoring and metrics Petals View monitors and measures business processes in an SOA. The open source solution “listens to” SOA events (EDA architecture, WS-Notification) and enables the use of event data to create key performance indicators (KPIs) for SOA metrics.

SOA infrastructure provides the means for the communication of business information across the entire enterprise and that of your partners.

The ability to monitor and follow these exchanges enables administrators to ensure the smooth running of business activities and respond, where necessary, with contingency solutions in a timely fashion.

Petals View brings global and granular visibility to these data flows with the power to generate key performance indicators from these exchanges.

Petals View enables you to monitor data exchanges between services in an SOA / EDA infrastructure, such as Petals ESB. Petals View is able to generate pertinent meta-data (KPIs) to drive management reporting that can be interpreted easily by business stakeholders.

Product datasheet

Key benefits

  • Gather data on business flows to facilitate optimisation of services.
  • Rapidly detect and locate business processes under strain due to software design, technical configurations or human challenges.
  • Validate the progress and success of individual or multiple business processes.

Why choose me?

  • Highly customizable: display key data that can be easily interpreted by other users.
  • Powerful: small footprint, rapidly integrated into large scale SOA / EDA solutions.
  • Open source: professional support.

Key features

Standards and technologies supported

Real time monitoring and analysis of business processes

  • Business process lifecycle event monitoring;
  • Monitor Petals ESB events and/or other EDA / WS-Notification compatible solutions;
  • Indexing, display and filtering of current and historical process flows.

Configurable according to business scenarios

  • Monitor business flows and identify issues early before they impact the business;
  • Custom vocabularies;
  • User configurable KPIs;
  • Workflow & milestones;
  • Filtering.
  • WS-Notification
    • WS-Based Notification
    • WS-Brokered Notification