Akerys, leader of french real estate rental, chose Petals ESB as a base for its information system.

http://www.akerys.com/ Real Estate France

Akerys is a premier French real estate group who dominates the French market for rental investments and for marketing of new homes.

Their Needs

In 2008, Akerys initiated an extranet project that made its support services available online. In addition to this project, Akerys also wanted to replace its previous EAI solution.

In this context, Akerys sought an open solution with a reasonable TCO, without losing any functionality and reliability. A guiding principle was that the new infrastructure’s services be easy to use. For a time period that exceeds the extranet and enable a comprehensive view on the Internet.

Their project

The Petals ESB solution fit within Arkerys’ internet goals and business needs, because our solution included using a Service Bus (Service Orientated Architecture) open source. In addition to the extranet project, Petals ESB became the base structuring system information for Akerys.

Initially, the Petals ESB solution had been implemented for the needs of the extranet project. Since then Petals Link has brought superior expertise to Akerys staff-team in preparing them for the production of base extranet, due to occur in the upcoming months. Subsequently, we remain committed to Akerys’ teams and their suppliers, and for maintaining the Petals ESB solution as an essential component of Akerys’ opening strategy.

Thanks to the bus open source ESB Petals, Akerys unified architecture will progressively open its services to institutions and clients without compromising performance or security of its information system.