Almerys, software editor for professionals and health insurance, chooses Petals ESB to integrate SOA capabilities in the next major version of its flaship product.



Almerys offers a software package for professionals and health insurance. As a leader in solutions third management fee in 2009, Almerys offers business applications in health insurance such as, workflow management billing, Vitale card, health prevention, management book vaccination and customized prevention plans.

The need

Before contacting Petals Almerys’ system lacked the integrating the strengths of SOA. To anticipate the changing needs of its customers, Almerys choose to incorporate the benefits of SOA and renew its management of mutual health application. Almerys wanted to make its application more scalable, more interoperable, and to allow easy access of its services.

The project

Almerys identified Petals ESB base structuring as one possible solution. Some of the advantages Petals ESB offered were: standard compliance, the lightness and its natively distributed architecture.

Petals Link currently defines the architecture of Almerys future solution and organizes the implementation of ESB Petals in the application in its newest version. The application’s scheduled release is in 2010.