Cegedim Activ

Cegedim activ, french leader of medical CRM market, uses Petals as a medium for its applications.




Cegedim Activ is a leading global CRM pharmaceutical company that publishes integrated management solutions (ERP) for mutual health and is a subsidiary of Cegedim Group.

The need

Cegedim Activ currently leads the French software and services market for personal insurance; and the company seeks to enhance the attractiveness of its flagship offering, Infinite Activ.

As part of its business strategy, Cegedim Activ decided to move to a service-orientated architecture (SOA) for the development of its products. Beginning in 2007, Cegedim Activ chose to operate with Petals ESB.

The project

Petals ESB open source was chosen as the brick structure for Infinite Activ. Petals ESB will provide the mediation layer between a new front office and existing back office modules. The integration work will be performed according to the schedule release of the next major version of Infinite Activ.

Petals Link supports Cegedim Activ staff teams and other integration units to install and configure Petals ESB, and deploy its services. The delivery of this new major version of Activ Infinite Customer Pilot is scheduled for immediate release.

Through Petals ESB, all features of Activ Infinite will be available as services; giving customers a unified interface and easy online access. By incorporating SOA to its major integral solutions provides Cegedim Activ with a strong marketing advantage.