Conseil général de la Gironde (CG-33)

The Conseil général de la Gironde chooses Petals for its citizen portal.

Local authorities


The General Council of Gironde (CG 33) brings together elected officials who perform various administrative tasks within their department such as: social services, management of county roads, management colleges, and public libraries.

The need

Part of the Council’s plans was to modernize the administration; thus CG 33 invested in the free world and new technologies to improve the interoperability of its system and open up new services to users.

The CG 33 has planned to establish a platform for providing e-government services:

  • A total mastery of the platform by internal teams;
  • A transversality/transveral to open up the SI;
  • Opening this SI outward, and;
  • ease of automation of business processes.

Given these requirements, the selected project had to provide a superior compliance standard, manageability and performance.

The project

The General Council selected a set of open source components, including Petals ESB for the implementation of its Web Services, Bonita for automating workflow, and Cap Demat for managing user requests.

The first stage of Petals ESB was used in project AGUDU (Application Management Unified Applications Users). The portal project was directed by the integrator Bull, and launched in July 2009. Petals ESB enabled the function of existing applications in the back office to be projected into the AGUDU portal; allowing every citizen to make administrative requests online and know their status through a single interface.

The bus Petals ESB that GC33 selected greatly improved GC33 service quality, without losing efficiency or reliability, nor having to change applications back-office.

Urbanization strategy and architecture inherent to Petals ESB distribution will enable the General Council of the Gironde to progressively expand its services and its capitalization, in a transparent manner and without sacrificing performance.