French Air Force

French Air Force launched a Petals-based project to study SOA benefits relating to its human resources infrastructure.



In early 2000, The French Air Force launched a comprehensive reorganization program and modernization of its infrastructure. Among the renovations was a reshuffling of directions and commands to switch between thirteen and six departments, over the 65, 000 employees.

The needs

The complexity of organizing a system with over 65, 000 people, including the reforms also impacted the information system. In order to rationalize resources and anticipate future reforms, the French Air Force decided to renovate and modernize its infrastructure. The new infrastructure therefore had to support the objectives of the reorganization program, including:

  • promote networking between all decentralized entities;
  • facilitate performance management, and;
  • decentralize the command structure. Thus the SOA solution must ensure the interoperability and scalability of the information system.

The project

All these needs were met by our service-oriented architecture. The French Air Force has decided to evaluate their benefits, through the Petals ESB solution; and Petals ESB has been used to renovate several human resource management processes.

In 2008, the French Air Force evaluated the technologies provided by Petals ESB, in particular, the BPEL process orchestration, the development and modeling of WSDL interfaces, and the issues of securing Web services.

After the successful evaluation period, the French Air Force selected Petals ESB to implement an SOA. The simplicity and functionality of Petals ESB architecture allowed the SOA to operate smoothly.

Petals ESB will be in production with an initial set of services in early 2010.