As Information Systems continue to evolve, there is an ever growing need to streamline and maintain business agility.

Deploying a service oriented architecture (SOA) underpinned by an enterprise service bus (ESB) allows you to address these challenges in two specific ways:

  • Integration of diverse information systems / services.
  • Management of business processes and their lifecycle across the entire Enterprise ecosystem.

To fully gain the benefits of such capabilities it is necessary to be proficient in the techniques that achieve these capabilities, notably a Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) and an Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) infrastructure.

Petals Link is a professional training provider; with an active consulting team who are experts in SOA and ESB, a market-leading opensource SOA/ESB software suite (Petals SOA suite) and a contributor to the evolution of these technologies through their Research team.

This all contributes to making Petals Link your ideal partner for your SOA/ESB training requirements. Our training courses are suitable for internal training programs as well as being recognised by the French DIF (OPCA / FAFIEC) enterprise training scheme, which will contribute towards trainees' continued professional development (CPD) credits. Contact us for more information on our training courses.

Contact us for more information on our training courses

SOA & Petals training programs

  • M1 program focuses on SOA theory and stakes, as their understanding is essential to successfully realize SOA projects.

  • The M2 program focus on practical implementation of the services bus Petals ESB through standard use-cases. It allows a progressive learning of Petals tools and configuration.

  • This module covers all necessary know-how to administrate and supervise a SOA infrastructure based on Petals ESB.

  • Orchestrating services is one of the main assets of SOA infrastructure. M4 training teaches you how to design and orchestrate services as business processes with BPEL (Business Process Execution Language).
  • Once your SOA infrastructure is deployed, SOA governance is the next step. Setting up the right governance model brings added flexibility, reusability and interoperability to your infrastructure. Gain all necessary knowledge to build your custom-made governance model thanks to Petals Link's M5 training.
  • SOA governance facilitates daily management of your SOA infrastructure, and ensures efficient reuse of legacy software and services. This training emphasizes labs teaching, by making attendees reproduce several case studies with Petals Master. This ensures an understanding of both theorical best practices and real project issues, thus giving them the keys to design a governance suited to their infrastructure.

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